Clear Lake!

I love Clear Lake in the Summer but the Fall up 
at the lake is SO beautiful.
The colors, the quiet, and the sunsets!

While we were up at Clear Lake we took
several drives along the country side where
I found lots of places to stop and take pictures.
There were a couple spots that we have driven by year
after year and this trip was the first time I noticed them!

Our fall trips always have to include our favorite 
winery, The Round Barn!
They have wine, beer and liquor, and
on the weekends they have live music. 
It's a great time.

We also went to Notre Dame and were able to 
walk through the tunnel and go out onto the field.
It was such a fun experience....I just wish there 
weren't thousands of others doing the same thing.

It was hard closing up the house for the winter
but we had such a wonderful time up there!
Until the Summer!!

Have a fabulous weekend!